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Honouring Emotions

Note 1:

Although I’d like to tap daily, some days it’s just not possible. But emotions are emotions and they have a tendency to build up if ignored. So one of my nightly rituals lately has been to simply tap on each acupressure point and acknowledge all the feelings that I felt throughout the day. I acknowledge whatever stood out for me, even if it’s a mildly unsettling feeling. This takes just a few minutes and I feel like I’ve heard my emotions finally, given them a voice, instead of simply brushing them off.

A simple example would be to say, “ I was frustrated in the afternoon when…. and that’s okay/I acknowledge how I felt or still feel.”

Note 2:

Honouring emotions doesn’t mean feeling them all the time or being submerged in them. You can feel emotions in chunks, in small digestible quantities. While honouring and acknowledging emotions is very much needed, you need to decide how much you can process at a given time. Acknowledge then step back and then do the same again and again.

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