Trauma Study Circle

Understanding Trauma for Recovery & fostering Resilience


For those Interested in learning more about Trauma

Unlocking Trauma Healing: A Study Circle Combining Tapping with the information from the book, The Body keeps the score.

Join our upcoming trauma study circle where we merge the profound insights of Bessel van der Kolk's groundbreaking book, "The Body Keeps the Score," with the transformative practice of tapping.

In this unique study circle, we will delve into:

  1. Understanding Trauma: Gain a deeper understanding of how trauma impacts the body and mind, as elucidated by Bessel van der Kolk's research and insights.
  2. Exploring Tapping Techniques: Discover the powerful potential of tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a complementary tool for trauma healing and stress reduction.
  3. Integration of Body and Mind: Learn how tapping can help integrate the body's wisdom into the healing process, aligning with the principles outlined in "The Body Keeps the Score."

Ideal for EFT students, practitioners, trainers, or those who have done extensive EFT study or self-practice.

Monthly Classes for 6 months.
6 live calls (90 mins) from May to October, 1 call every month.
Calls will be recorded.

Cost: Rs 3500/USD 50

Reading the chapters before the calls is a mandatory requirement.


Please note: This study circle is only for those who know EFT either through self-study, training, or practice.