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Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner and Certified EFT Master Trainer with EFT International.


2 Day Intensive Course in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, NJ, USA

EFT Training course by Jondi Whitis, NJ, USA

EFT International Accredited EFT Master Trainer

Accredited, Certified, Advanced Level 3 Practitioner (EFT International)

Certified EFT Intermediate practitioner -1 (EFT universe Certification Program By Dawson Church)

EFT CERT I (Former EFT Certification Program setup by Gary Craig, EFT Founder)

EFT-ADV (Advanced Certificate of Completion)

EFT - CC (Fundamentals Course)

Special Module on Applied Social Psychology, University of Windsor, Canada

M.A in Psychology, North Campus; University of Delhi

B.A (Hons.) in Psychology, Indraprastha College for Women; University of Delhi


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American Psychological Association - International Affiliate Member

Membership # 24654079


EFT International



EFT Universe Website - Certified Clinical EFT practitioner

Areas of Specialization

Childhood Sexual Abuse

GAD – Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

I obtained my masters degree in Psychology from Delhi University in 2000. During my post graduate program, I did my internship at RAHI (Recovery and Healing from Incest). It is a support group for women survivors of Incest, located in Delhi. During my work there, I developed a questionnaire to identify the level of awareness of child sexual abuse and incest, amongst the mental health professionals in Delhi hospitals and conducted semi- structured interviews. Since then I have explored this subject and have urged and assisted parents and educators in promoting awareness about it.

My thesis on ‘Feminism in society and academics’ under the guidance of Dr. Suneet Varma, gave me further insight into the gender biased and harsh inequality practices.

I went to Canada to pursue Ph.D in Applied Social Psychology and completed one semester. I chose to come back to India to establish my private practice. However, the courses that I completed were excellent and they gave me a better understanding on Applied social Psychology.

My journey as a counseling psychologist began in 2003 when I first heard about EFT. As a psychologist, I was very skeptical about EFT. But once I applied on and experienced its benefits, I was totally impressed by the effectiveness of it and immediately went to train myself in EFT. I completed the highly competitive EFT-CERT I program* by Gary Craig, and became the only EFT Practitioner certified by Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) in India.

I have 14+ years of experience in the field of therapy.

I consider having a background in psychology to be an ‘important determinant of successful EFT therapy’ since EFT combined with traditional as well as modern psycho-therapeutic modalities has the power to take you beyond mechanical EFT.

I have spent the last few years in researching EFT architecture and methodologies and have developed Geo-specific EFT approach. It is a new approach in EFT that can help resolve issues mired in the culture & religion. I have worked with various clients across the globe with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

I am fluent in English and Hindi and can provide consultation in these two languages.

Note:* EFT CERT I is the only official certification program which was issued by Gary Craig’s EFT foundation.EFT- CC & EFT- ADV certificates were awarded by Pace Educational Systems, N.J, U.S.A.
* EFT INT 1 – Clinical EFT Certification Program by Dawson Church, EFT UNIVERSE