Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is the name given for a a broad range of therapeutic tools that utilize the human energy system. EFT is one such tool. Traditional psychotherapy essentially uses cognitive and behavior therapy, humanistic, gestalt and existential therapies. Most of these therapies focus on how the cognitive processes shape a person's behavior and how by changing these, psychological distress can be alleviated.
Energy therapies are based on the concept that the energy systems in the body when disturbed, cause emotional and physical distress. Correcting these imbalances removes the intensity and level of distress. Energy Psychology is a fine blend of traditional energy techniques and and modern psycho-therapeutic modalities.

Energy psychology uses affirmations, intention, assertions, stimulating certain points on the body by holding or tapping them etc. Emotional and physical problems are alleviated by using affirmations (internal and external dialogues), psychological reversal technique, using gradation techniques, tapping the energy system and utilizing the natural healing processes present in the body.
The Concept of EP is based on Qi (chi), the vital energy, which flows through the human body continuously. Yin and Yang are the two aspects of Qi, the two polarities of energy. Acupuncture, the traditional Chinese medicine, balances the energies in the body by stimulating certain points on the meridians (pathways through which energy flows) with the help of needles.

Several methods have been used in ancient times for healing.

"The earliest recorded use of electricity for healing dates from 2750 B.C, when sick people were exposed to shocks produced by electric eels. Different forms of magnetic healing may be even older". {1}There are electrical and magnetic fields in and around the body. Methods have been developed to measure them. E.C.G (Electro-Cardiogram) is an example of the measure of heart electricity.

"Sensitive photometers and thermo-graphic imaging techniques have enabled scientists to map the patterns of light and heat emitted by cells, tissues, organs and whole body.... Spectroscopic methods reveal the energy emissions and adsorptions of molecules and therefore reveal the importance of energy fields in molecular processes" as well {1}. Oriental energy therapy was not accepted earlier but now science is realizing the importance of energy fields in healing. Energy Therapy is based on the hypothesis that the diseases show in the energy fields even before they show physiologically. Measuring and correcting these imbalances can lead to prevention of the diseases.
"Radioactive isotopes injected into the acupuncture points, have showed the existence of a system of fine duct like tubules approximately 0.5-1.5 microns in diameter "{2}. These are similar to the ancient descriptions of meridians.

Meridians are "energy pathways that connect the hundreds of tiny reservoirs of heat, electromagnetic, and more subtle energies along the surface of the skin"{2}
On the basis of many experiments, researches, early historical data, "it has been proved that there is no 'single life force or healing energy but many energetic systems in the body and many ways of influencing those systems". {1}Another example of a energy system is the Chakras (followed in meditation and yoga).The body's energy system is utilized in chiropractice, applied kinesiology, reiki, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, trigger point therapy, meridian therapy, and in many other kinds of therapy. However, these forms of therapy are used mainly for physical problems. Whereas EFT is used for emotional as well as psycho-somatic problems due to its unique combination of Acupressure and Modern Psychology.


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