Supervision and mentoring for EFT Students:

For EFT students, 6 hours of  supervision sessions is a mandatory requirement to become a certified practitioner with EFT International (previously known as AAMET). As a supervising mentor, I will help in assessing your skills and qualities as a practitioner and ease the process of certification with support and constructive feedback.  You can schedule a free 20 minutes chat to discuss the process and then decide if you’re like to work with me as your chosen mentor.

EFT Assessment & Certification Package:

Over the next 6-8 months you will receive 6 one to one sessions over phone/skype and feedback and support to help you meet the EFT International’s requirements. You will be taking your multiple choice exam on their website, becoming a student member of EFTi, submitting your case studies and one audio/video demo to me.

This package involves 6 one to one sessions, discussion and feedback on the case studies and exam, and providing constructive and careful feedback.

Fees: Rs. 20,000

Discounted fees for my students:  Rs. 14, 400


Mentoring for EFT professionals: 

Mentoring is a place where you can:
1. Discuss your concerns freely without the fear of being judged.
2. Get feedback on difficult and complex cases
3. Brainstorm ways to deal with ethical challenges and issues.
4. Learn more about cross cultural competence


Mentoring per hour – USD 60