Whether it’s your first time as a practitioner or you are a seasoned professional, mentoring can really help. It can help in improving your EFT skills and working with challenging cases. I’m an accredited, certified, advanced practitioner with EFT International, and I have conducted nearly 7000+ hours of individual sessions with clients over the years and have a global client base.

Mentoring for EFT professionals:

Mentoring is a place where you can:
1. Discuss your concerns freely without the fear of being judged.
2. Get feedback on difficult and complex cases
3. Brainstorm ways to deal with ethical challenges and issues.
4. Learn more about cross cultural competence
Make a note of your questions and concerns. Let’s talk!

Supervision and mentoring for EFT Students

For EFT students, 6 hours of  supervision sessions is a mandatory requirement to become a certified practitioner with EFT International (previously known as AAMET).
A discount is available for my students.

Supervision will help in:
1. Building your confidence as a practitioner and learning how to build a solid professional EFT Practice.

2. Handling cases skillfully and applying art of delivery practices in EFT

Mentoring per hour – USD 60