EFT International Approved Workshop


Photo: Online Batch (10th-16th Sep, 2020)

Due to the Covid situation, EFTi ( The international organization I'm associated as a Trainer with) has asked us to run the EFT trainings in an online format until we're able to safely hold  the Live workshops again.

By taking this training, you will be able to 

  1. Understand how to manage and release Difficult negative emotions.
  2. Get Freedom from painful memories
  3. Release stress and anxiety
  4. Become more confident & productive at work
  5. Heal physical symptoms
  6. Gain clarity about your emotional and physical issues.

Attending this workshop is also your first step to becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner. In this workshop:

  1. Learn the Core EFT Foundational Concepts and its applications.
  2. Understand how to work on emotional & physical issues.
  3. Practice EFT skillfully and effectively to help yourself and others.

EFT is a mind-body tool based on acupressure and psychology.
When we’re stressed, our thinking brain isn’t active as the strong emotions take hold of us. EFT helps in returning the body to a state of calm which further helps in gaining clarity in a stressful situation. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, pain and in transforming our beliefs.

By stimulating the meridians on the body along with statements about what you are going through, you activate your body’s rest and digest system, the parasympathetic nervous system. EFT utilizes acupressure points and other psycho-therapeutic techniques to give you freedom from painful memories, cravings, physical issues and helps in trauma recovery.

The training is experiential, allowing you to build your skills step by step while working on a range of issues. It  will give you a thorough introduction to EFT and help you become confident in applying EFT on yourself, family and friends.

The purpose of this small group workshop is to give trainees the experience and confidence in tapping, through role playing and tapping in pairs. It's interactive and easier to learn. People open up, get to know and support each other, and thus learning takes place in a fun and compassionate environment. We have demos, group/individual tapping exercises, and discussions. The number of participants is limited, allowing for individual attention and in-depth understanding of EFT concepts via demos and practice sessions.

Next Online Combined EFT Levels 1 & 2 will begin in December, 2020

Registration will open in Nov. Please sign up to be notified 






EARLY BIRD FEES for Workshop & Follow up call 

Rs 20,000

Training Materials:

  1. Pre-training materials will be mailed to you after your seat is booked. Please study them before the training starts.
  2. Manuals and handouts will be emailed after the training is over.
  3. Follow up call to discuss the doubts and queries.


  1. On Completion of the workshop and the follow up call, you will receive the Certificate of Attendance from a Prestigious International EFT Association, EFT International. This does not confer practitioner status.  This is the first step towards becoming a certified Practitioner. The next step is to meet the EFTi requirements.
  2. Free membership in Facebook &  Whatsapp group for ongoing guidance and support.
  3. Free Online Meetups - We organize frequent meetups with EFT students to clarify doubts and have fun while learning.



  1. High Speed and stable internet connection. Please be seated as near to the modem as possible.
  2. Laptop ( Please don't use small devices like your phone or tablets)
  3. Headphones
  4. A quiet and noise free place

Cancellation Policy: You will get a refund (minus cancellation charges of Rs 2000) if you cancel 2 weeks before the workshop. After that no refund will be granted. You can transfer your seat to someone else in case of emergency or take the next workshop within a year, only if another workshop is scheduled within that time frame.

In case the workshop is cancelled due to any unforseen reason, full refund will be given.


Who Can Benefit from EFT International Training?    

EFT is an assistive approach that is accessible to anyone – from those trained in the mental health professions to laypeople with an interest in helping themselves, friends and family. A variety of individuals, from diverse walks of life, can benefit from learning EFT, including:

• Individuals with an interest in using EFT for self-care

• Psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and all mental health professionals

• Medical professionals

• Academic professionals

• Complementary therapists of all kinds

• Teachers and educators

• Life coaches and business coaches

• Body workers (massage therapists, etc.)

• Individuals who work with animals

• Artists, writers and musicians

• Anyone interested in personal or professional development 

(Excerpted from AAMET training overview document)


Origins, Background and Efficacy

Building Bridges to EFT

The EFT Discovery Statement

EFT Basic Process – Tapping Basics & Insights

Psychological reversal

The Importance of Measuring and Testing

Reflecting Your Client’s Exact Words (Introduction to Rapport)

When EFT Doesn’t Work

The Importance of Being Specific

The Concept of Aspects and Shifting Aspects

The Importance of Persistence


The Apex Effect

The Generalization Effect

Additional Points, Strategies, and The “Your Point” Concept

Handling Excessive Emotional Intensity

Cognitive Belief Shifts

Borrowing Benefits

Introduction to Trauma and The Movie Technique

Quality Detective Work

EFT for Physical Issues

EFT for Cravings

Confidentiality and Healthy Boundaries

EFT for Self-Care: The Personal Peace Procedure


Basic safety for self & client

Rapport skills

Calibration skills

Introduction to using Intuition

Additional tapping points

Floor to ceiling eye roll

More on “chasing the pain” techniques

Introducing working with trauma

Additional tapping techniques

Introduction to using positive choices

Finding core issues

Identifying limiting beliefs

Writing on the walls concept

Tail enders concept

Introduction to reframing

Further techniques to overcome psychological reversal

More on testing

EFT via the telephone / computer

Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits

Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work

EFT practice Issues





Attending EFT workshops has equipped me to address various emotional issues, I have been dealing with since  childhood. Rather than just work only on the surface symptoms, it has equipped me to go deep to work on core/ limiting beliefs, childhood events etc. The demos we do during the workshop have given me a good insight on how to handle a session either on myself or family. I truly feel empowered and believe EFT can fix everything. Puja, makes the whole learning experience fun, interesting  and effortlessly focused. As a mentor, she demonstrates the highest levels of commitment and integrity. The whole experience has made me a passionate believer in EFT. -Lalasa

Puja Mam, you are highly knowledgeable and very strong in the techniques. I like the way you cleared all my doubts which were popping on and off. Enjoyed your class a lot. I am very glad and fortunate enough to be trained by you. Thanks a lot -Majula


Learnt and enjoyed learning. The informal setting and a small group helped me to learn better coz I could clear a lot of doubts and learnt better. Puja Ma'm you have a natural flair for making us comfortable and answer all of the questions however silly or dumb, made this course not only more knowledgeable but learning was easy + fun. Thanks a ton! -Neha


This was an extremely interesting and informative 2 day workshop. Lots of fun. Puja is very patient, answering all questions one by one, and makes sure everyone is well informed. Enjoyed this workshop and I'm keen on using EFT on myself and others -Joshua

The workshop was amazing. It gave me so much knowledge about how to apply EFT in a more professional way -Saranya

Puja is a great and very knowledgeable teacher. Thank you for the interesting and insightful days! - Marlene

My expectations were excelled more than. Puja is a great and amazing teacher. She is very professional and so friendly. I like the kind of teaching. I learn a lot of new ways to solve problems and reduce bad emotions. I can only recommend it. Thank you very much Puja! - Monika

I really enjoyed being in the workshop and fascinated at how quickly shifts can happen with EFT. I really enjoyed the pace and size of the workshop and Puja, I felt very welcome to ask questions and share my thoughts with you leading it -Sunitha


I felt calm and relaxed after the practice sessions. I kept feeling happy and the vibration shifted -Priyanka


The Level 1 workshop on EFT conducted by Puja was very good. The teacher had taken great effort to keep the structure pretty organized though simple and the content very informative and crisp. The whole workshop was designed to get you to be ready to practice EFT even by end of day 1. The number of participants was kept minimum for individual attention-Param

I am very happy attending this workshop and would definitely recommend it to whoever believes in this natural way of healing. Great Job, having Puja as our teacher; friendly and open-Beebee

Excellent Coaching by a knowledgeable master. Ms Puja Kanth Alfred is my good, patient and understanding master-Vijayaraghavan


I really thank Puja for giving the most valid information about EFT and how to practice the same. Her session was more like talking to a friend and getting infos. We were able to register it very easily because of the way she interacts with the students and without any irritation she answered and helped us to understand.Very glad that I attended this workshop. Thank you -KalaSriram

A good insight into the basics of EFT. The demos and practice sessions help form a good foundation and build confidence in practice. Very interesting workshop with in depth explanation to each topic -Lalasa

A Great Learning experience! I'm sure this method combined with CBT can bring amazing results- Bilahari

Excellent Workshop! Helped me to learn more about EFT. Very friendly to ask questions to learn more- Arjun


Feedback from trainees on "What top

ics did you find most interesting or useful?"

"Tell the story/Movie technique"

"EFT is applicable for solving issues like anxiety,  and getting rid of negative events which i s much needed and solution focused."

"Overall content was good and very insightful. Paired work. Observation and highlighting strengths of practitioners. Borrowing benefits. Understanding Aspects."

"Suds. Shifting Aspects"

"EFT is a good in

strument to solve problems, physical and emotional problems. Interesting was for me to go first with the global and and then specific."

"Demos & Practice Sessions. Movie Technique. Personal Peace Procedure. Touch and Breathe technique"

"Setup statement and Reminder Phrases"

"Trauma. Physical Pain. The awareness through the group tapping, demo, movie technique. I found it useful that it was a small group."



A highly engaging, experiential workshop with several guided practice sessions for hands-on understanding! Puja is a trainer who connects with all participants and is able to take them though the depths of the content, the principles and practices of EFT, seamlessly. At the end of the two day workshop, you are left with a feeling of clarity, confidence and motivation to take the practice of EFT to your lives-Amisha


Very interesting workshop with plenty of opportunity to tap in pairs and get some practice with the ‘real’ thing under the expert supervision of Puja Alfred. Great training to step into the professional side of EFT.



Great Workshop! Puja makes the topics easier to understand. Willingness to answer even the silliest of doubts very patiently and understanding the needs of all the attendees. This workshop has helped me to get more confident about EFT-Neha


Dear Puja mam, Your level 2 AAMET workshop involved a lot of exercises,group tapping & tapping-in-pairs which helped me to improve my calibration skills. Level 2 has helped me a lot to be more mindful about abreactions and how to apply gentle techniques to deal with high intense emotional issues easily. The most interesting thing about the workshop is when I had my Aha! Moment in which I finally found out a belief that has been limiting my life in many ways and changed it with EFT. The exercises to find limiting beliefs & reframes are so powerful. The overall standard of the workshop is very good. Your knowledge, unique teaching ways and dedication is amazing as always. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in me-Saranya


Had a great time learning Level 2. Puja keeps the session more live and the entire session is positive. Very happy to interact with Pujs. Got more confident-Kala Sriram


I really liked the workshop a lot. I think it made me feel I’m asking myself to understand more of the emotion and try to go deep but the same time you can contain it by using gentle techniques. I’m very happy. I’m ready to use it. Thanks Puja! -Marcela


Excellent on the whole!-Vijayaraghavan


Level 2 gives a good insight into EFT techniques. Puja makes the whole program very interesting and fun. Felt completely comfortable throughout the process-Lalasa