If you're interested in practicing EFT for self-help or professionally, then this workshop will help you to:

  1. Learn the Core EFT Foundational Concepts and its applications.
  2. Understand how to work on emotional & physical issues.
  3. Practice EFT skillfully and effectively to help yourself and others.

The training is experiential, allowing you to build your skills step by step while working on a range of issues. It  will give you a thorough introduction to EFT and help you become confident in applying EFT on yourself, family and friends.


The training will be held once a week, allowing time for absorption of the material while giving you an opportunity to practice the skills with participants in the class as well as in between classes.

1 or 2 of my skilled students/practitioners will also be joining the training to help you in the practice sessions. They are called EAs or Emotional Assistants.

What is EFT?

EFT is a mind-body tool based on acupressure and psychology. When we’re stressed, our thinking brain isn’t active as the strong emotions take hold of us. EFT helps in returning the body to a state of calm which further helps in gaining clarity in a stressful situation. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, pain and in transforming our beliefs, amongst many other things.

NEXT TRAINING : JAN-FEB, 2024 (Every Saturday, 7 classes)

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Training Dates: 6th January- 17th February, 2024 (Every Saturday)

  • 7 classes + Demo Day + Follow up Call
  • 90 mins Bonus Demo Day - Demo of a full session ( This date is flexible and can be decided after training.) 
  • Follow up call of  90 mins : After a month (Date to be announced after training)

Total Number of Hours - 27

REGISTRATION Opens in November, 2023

Time: 4: 00 pm - 7:30 pm INDIA TIME (10:30 am GMT/11:30 am UK/6:30am Eastern)


Discounted Cost:

Rs 27,000 (USD 385)

Rs 25000 /USD 370


Register with a friend and get a 10% discount on the fees.

The Workshop will not be recorded. Only *DEMOS* will be recorded.  These recorded demos will be available for 7 weeks only for viewing. After that they will be deleted to preserve the confidentiality of the sessions.



Class 1:

Building Bridges to EFT, The EFT Discovery Statement, EFT Basic Process – Tapping Basics & Insights, The Importance of Measuring and Testing,Reflecting Your Client’s Exact Words, Demo & Practice

Class 2:

When EFT Doesn’t Work, The Importance of Being Specific, The Concept of Aspects and Shifting Aspects, The Importance of Persistence, Hydration, Demo & Practice

Class 3:

The Apex Effect, The Generalization Effect, Additional Points, Strategies, Cognitive Belief Shifts, Quality detective work, Handling physical issues, Demo & Practice

Class 4:

Borrowing Benefits, Introduction to Trauma, The Movie Technique, Specific Past events, Quality Detective Work, EFT for Cravings, Demo & Practice

Class 5:

Preframing, Basic safety for self & client, EFT via the telephone/ computer,  Rapport skills, Calibration skills, Gentle techniques , Abreaction, Demo & Practice

Class 6:

Multiple table tops, Finding core issues, Identifying limiting beliefs, Writing on the walls concept, Tail enders, Demo & Practice

Class 7 : 

Introduction to reframing, Psychological reversal, Surrogate Tapping, Tapping with children, More on testing, Demo & Practice

Bonus Demo Day: Demonstration of a full EFT session (1 hour) by the Trainer. Q and A

Follow up Call

Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work, EFT practice Issues.


Small batch (Maximum 8-10): The number of participants is limited, allowing for individual attention and in-depth understanding of EFT concepts via demos and practice sessions.

Theory, Q & A, Discussions, Live Demos and Practice sessions on real issues (no role play), Group exercises.


On Completion of the workshop and the follow up call, you will receive the Certificate of Attendance from a Prestigious International EFT Association, EFT International. This does not confer practitioner status.  This is the first step towards becoming a certified Practitioner. The next step is to meet the EFTi requirements.


Free membership in Whatsapp group for ongoing guidance and support.

Free Online Meetups - We organize frequent meetups with EFT students to clarify doubts and have fun while learning.



Who Can Benefit from EFT International Training?    

EFT is an assistive approach that is accessible to anyone – from those trained in the mental health professions to laypeople with an interest in helping themselves, friends and family. A variety of individuals, from diverse walks of life, can benefit from learning EFT, including:

• Individuals with an interest in using EFT for self-care

• Psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and all mental health professionals

• Medical professionals

• Academic professionals

• Complementary therapists of all kinds

• Teachers and educators

• Life coaches and business coaches

• Body workers (massage therapists, etc.)

• Individuals who work with animals

• Artists, writers and musicians

• Anyone interested in personal or professional development

(Excerpted from EFT International training overview document)

Q and A

Will I get a certificate of attendance?
Yes, you’ll get a Certificate of Attendance by EFT International. As Trainers, we’re provided with EFT International certificates and seals.

After completing the training can I decide whether to go for certification or not?
Yes, you can decide after the training and opt for certification if you’re planning to become a professional practitioner.

What materials will be provided for the training?
a) You’ll receive a pdf of the slides of topics discussed after each class.
b) Pre-training reading material on research, science behind EFT and history of EFT.
c) After training, you’ll receive a detailed manual on each topic discussed in class. As Trainers we are required to write a full manual for our trainings.
d) You’ll be provided links and other resources such as, audio/videos on important EFT topics in the resources section shared with registered students via google drive folder.
e) EFT demos will be available for viewing for 7-8 weeks. These demos will be with volunteers in the class.
f)  You’ll receive self assessment checklists, Glossary of terms (with details about each concept and skills covered in L1 and 2) and other materials from EFTi.

Do I become a certified Practitioner just by attending the training?

No. You'll receive the certificate of attendance from EFTi, the number of hours you have spent in the training will also be mentioned in the certificate. In order to become a certified EFT practitioner, you need to take up the certification package and schedule mentoring calls with me.

What is the benefit of mentoring during certification?

Mentoring helps you become a skilled and professional EFT practitioner. Feedback on recorded video sessions, case studies, practice sessions - all help in understanding how you can work professionally with clients. It provides a safe space to discuss ethical application of EFT and develop a stable professional EFT practice.

Are there any specific requirements for the training?


  1. High Speed and stable internet connection. Please be seated as near to the modem as possible.
  2. Laptop/Computer ( Please don't use small devices like your phone or tablets)
  3. Headphones
  4. A quiet and noise free place
  5. Fluency in English

What is the Cancellation Policy?

You will get a refund (minus cancellation charges of Rs 2000) if you cancel 2 weeks before the workshop. After that no refund will be granted. In case of emergency cancellation, you can transfer your workshop seat to someone else for the training.

What if the workshop gets cancelled or rescheduled?

If the workshop gets cancelled due to any unforeseen situation, full refund is guaranteed within 2-3 weeks.

What if I miss a class? 

It's advisable to attend ALL classes but in case of emergency you can miss ONE class and schedule ONLY ONE missed class with me.

You'll be required to pay Rs 2000 (USD 30) for the 1-1 class with me. It'll be for an hour.





Those interested in becoming a Certified EFT Practitioner, you'll be sent a short questionnaire to gauge your suitability for the certification process. After being selected, you can purchase the certification package and start the mentoring sessions with me.

What are the benefits of being a certified EFT Practitioner with EFTi?

  • You’ll be associated with one of  the world’s oldest and largest leading professional organizations. It was established in 1999 by EFT masters who were awarded the EFT  master status by the founder, Gary Craig. EFTi has a charitable status and is run by volunteers. It has a board of directors, Training and accreditation team, communications team and ethics team.  Since it’s run by trainers and practitioners from all over the world, it’s very diverse and inclusive.
  • You’ll be listed on the directory of practitioners on EFTi as an accredited practitioner and this in turn will help you get more clients, as you’ll get more exposure.
    There is also a specific India page dedicated to practitioners and trainers from India.
  • EFTi sends out newsletters to all its members every month and you can feature your articles in it.
  • You get a chance to participate in the research symposium that EFTi holds every year.
  • You can choose to offer your assistance for online/offline voluntary work in different countries.



June Batch, 2023

The classes conducted by Dr. Puja were systematic, building up on knowledge weekly. The weekly classes provides time to learn and integrate the key points every week. Dr. Puja interacts with kindness, warmth and patience. Thank you for an enjoyable learning experience! - LF

Puja Kant is an excellent teacher, she has a calm and soothing personality. It was great learning from her. She cleared our doubts promptly. She is thorough and extremely knowledgeable about the subject  - Sharon
August Batch, 2022


Puja is the kind of trainer we all search for in journals and references, and a few lucky ones finally get to learn from.. The course content and concepts was easy to understand, and her perseverance, patience and Subject matter expertise made it even more simple. Can't wait for L3 with her..

- Selvi Mohanraj

Puja’s training ensures that we, as practitioners, avoid emotional bypassing and actually make space for our own or the client’s emotions. In addition to the practice of EFT, Puja has also taught us the science behind it really well, as well as a bit about trauma and the nervous system. Puja’s approach is very structured, clear and defined leaving relatively little room for confusion. If you’re looking for a primarily science-based approach to training in EFT, this is it!

- Ooha Maruri

Feb Batch, 2022

Puja is an amazing teacher. Her EFT experience paired with her patient and kind personality made this course enjoyable and knowledgeable. Puja's classes were broken down into a great mix of information and hands-on practice. I highly recommend learning about EFT with Puja!
- Beecher Leonard-Fritzmeier


I loved the freedom to express, the demos, the explanations, practice opportunities, feedback. I also loved how Puja ensured that everyone participated and even though it was a group program, she involved everyone to share their experience. Having observers who could give feedback on what I was doing helped.
-Dr Hemalatha R​
Puja is a wonderful trainer. She delivered the materials with great clarity and was  quick to reply to any queries that were asked/emailed after the session.  EFT is wonderful and Puja made this very interesting.
- Rehana Vaz
July batch, 2021
Your training was wonderful and I had a good learning experience. I am very much happy to be trained by you. Thanks for all your support and help. You are an awesome trainer. The course content delivery was very good. Puja was very friendly and
understanding trainer

I consider EFT as a gem carved in my Energy Psychology tool kit. Mrs Puja crafted the course very well which was informative ,thought provoking and experiential. I am very much impressed with her warm personality and openness, which helped me to learn in a safe and friendly platform. EFT is an ocean and I felt my trainer Mrs Puja is an expert coach to guide us all in exploration.

Demo sessions really helped to revise after the classes or clarify doubts. Visual demo personaly helped me to remember the techniques. Practice sessions were very useful to apply the learned techniques with co students. The best part of this course is experiential learning through practice sessions.

- Nithya Poorani

Feb - Mar 2021


I found the training very smooth and easy. Puja, my trainer is a wonderful teacher who can integrate her teachings with a lot of calm and eloquence. The demos helped me understand the basic concepts better and practise sessions were definitely helpful for retaining the information. - Sumana Roy Jain




Puja made learning so simple and easy she explained all the techniques very nicely and simply making it so easy to follow.

- Nisrin Porbandarwala


Folks, I enrolled myself with some apprehensions on the effectiveness of the online training. But in the very first half an hour itself, the apprehensions disappeared as Puja came out as a well informed and composed trainer. She conducted the course very well all the 7 days with total focus. She was so energetic through out and was always there to clarify any queries. Also encouraged the participants to ask questions and patiently addressed each. The group sessions and one on one were well conducted with unbiased feed back. Puja is doing a great service to EFT and I wish Puja all the very best in all her endeavours. Lets heal with 'Tapping' 

RL Rajah (Transpersonal Regression Therapist & Life Coach)

August-September 2020


Puja,You are such a lovely coach. So calm, compassionate and patient. You are never in a hurry. Today I feel that my wish was a command for universe. I wished I could be your student, and despite geographical distance, we met. I am sure our association will continue and you will guide me at every step I take forward in this field.. Love, Raminder Ahuja



Thank you Puja for your professionalism, your patience and your very clear and precise communication that allowed us to grasp, understand and assimilate the knowdledge. I look forward to our mentoring with equal delight and positive anticipation.

Priyanka Row (Mind Coach)



Level 1, 2018

Attending EFT workshops has equipped me to address various emotional issues, I have been dealing with since  childhood. Rather than just work only on the surface symptoms, it has equipped me to go deep to work on core/ limiting beliefs, childhood events etc. The demos we do during the workshop have given me a good insight on how to handle a session either on myself or family. I truly feel empowered and believe EFT can fix everything. Puja, makes the whole learning experience fun, interesting  and effortlessly focused. As a mentor, she demonstrates the highest levels of commitment and integrity. The whole experience has made me a passionate believer in EFT

-Lalasa Nyapthy


Puja Mam, you are highly knowledgeable and very strong in the techniques. I like the way you cleared all my doubts which were popping on and off. Enjoyed your class a lot. I am very glad and fortunate enough to be trained by you. Thanks a lot


Learnt and enjoyed learning. The informal setting and a small group helped me to learn better coz I could clear a lot of doubts and learnt better. Puja Ma'm you have a natural flair for making us comfortable and answer all of the questions however silly or dumb, made this course not only more knowledgeable but learning was easy + fun. Thanks a ton!

-Neha Pardesi

This was an extremely interesting and informative 2 day workshop. Lots of fun. Puja is very patient, answering all questions one by one, and makes sure everyone is well informed. Enjoyed this workshop and I'm keen on using EFT on myself and others

-Joshua Mark Raj

The workshop was amazing. It gave me so much knowledge about how to apply EFT in a more professional way

-Saranya shanthakumar

Puja is a great and very knowledgeable teacher. Thank you for the interesting and insightful days!

- Marlene

My expectations were excelled more than. Puja is a great and amazing teacher. She is very professional and so friendly. I like the kind of teaching. I learn a lot of new ways to solve problems and reduce bad emotions. I can only recommend it. Thank you very much Puja!

- Monika Wahle

I really enjoyed being in the workshop and fascinated at how quickly shifts can happen with EFT. I really enjoyed the pace and size of the workshop and Puja, I felt very welcome to ask questions and share my thoughts with you leading it -Sunitha Ramadurai

Jan, 2019

I felt calm and relaxed after the practice sessions. I kept feeling happy and the vibration shifted


The Level 1 workshop on EFT conducted by Puja was very good. The teacher had taken great effort to keep the structure pretty organized though simple and the content very informative and crisp. The whole workshop was designed to get you to be ready to practice EFT even by end of day 1. The number of participants was kept minimum for individual attention


July, 2018

I am very happy attending this workshop and would definitely recommend it to whoever believes in this natural way of healing. Great Job, having Puja as our teacher; friendly and open.


Excellent Coaching by a knowledgeable master. Ms Puja Kanth Alfred is my good, patient and understanding master.



I really thank Puja for giving the most valid information about EFT and how to practice the same. Her session was more like talking to a friend and getting infos. We were able to register it very easily because of the way she interacts with the students and without any irritation she answered and helped us to understand.Very glad that I attended this workshop. Thank you


A good insight into the basics of EFT. The demos and practice sessions help form a good foundation and build confidence in practice. Very interesting workshop with in depth explanation to each topic


A Great Learning experience! I'm sure this method combined with CBT can bring amazing results-


Excellent Workshop! Helped me to learn more about EFT. Very friendly to ask questions to learn more

- Arjun


Level 1, May 2019

Feedback from trainees on "What topics did you find most interesting or useful?"

"Tell the story/Movie technique"

"EFT is applicable for solving issues like anxiety,  and getting rid of negative events which i s much needed and solution focused."

"Overall content was good and very insightful. Paired work. Observation and highlighting strengths of practitioners. Borrowing benefits. Understanding Aspects."

"Suds. Shifting Aspects"

"EFT is a good instrument to solve problems, physical and emotional problems. Interesting was for me to go first with the global and and then specific."

"Demos & Practice Sessions. Movie Technique. Personal Peace Procedure. Touch and Breathe technique"

"Setup statement and Reminder Phrases"

"Trauma. Physical Pain. The awareness through the group tapping, demo, movie technique. I found it useful that it was a small group."



A highly engaging, experiential workshop with several guided practice sessions for hands-on understanding! Puja is a trainer who connects with all participants and is able to take them though the depths of the content, the principles and practices of EFT, seamlessly. At the end of the two day workshop, you are left with a feeling of clarity, confidence and motivation to take the practice of EFT to your lives

-Amisha Das

July, 2018

Very interesting workshop with plenty of opportunity to tap in pairs and get some practice with the ‘real’ thing under the expert supervision of Puja Alfred. Great training to step into the professional side of EFT.

-Joshua Mark Raj

Great Workshop! Puja makes the topics easier to understand. Willingness to answer even the silliest of doubts very patiently and understanding the needs of all the attendees. This workshop has helped me to get more confident about EFT

-Neha Pardesi

Dear Puja mam, Your level 2 AAMET workshop involved a lot of exercises,group tapping & tapping-in-pairs which helped me to improve my calibration skills. Level 2 has helped me a lot to be more mindful about abreactions and how to apply gentle techniques to deal with high intense emotional issues easily. The most interesting thing about the workshop is when I had my Aha! Moment in which I finally found out a belief that has been limiting my life in many ways and changed it with EFT. The exercises to find limiting beliefs & reframes are so powerful. The overall standard of the workshop is very good. Your knowledge, unique teaching ways and dedication is amazing as always. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in me

-Saranya Shanthakumar

Had a great time learning Level 2. Puja keeps the session more live and the entire session is positive. Very happy to interact with Pujs. Got more confident

-Kala Sriram

I really liked the workshop a lot. I think it made me feel I’m asking myself to understand more of the emotion and try to go deep but the same time you can contain it by using gentle techniques. I’m very happy. I’m ready to use it. Thanks Puja!


Excellent on the whole!-Vijayaraghavan

Level 2 gives a good insight into EFT techniques. Puja makes the whole program very interesting and fun. Felt completely comfortable throughout the process.