This course is designed for those interested in increasing their competence in EFT. This training facilitates a deeper understanding of the application and delivery of foundational concepts as well as learning and applying advanced, creative and more nuanced approaches in EFT (Art of Delivery).

Students will learn how to conduct client-centered EFT sessions where you hold a safe and gentle space for your clients in order for the healing to take place. There will be demos, practice sessions, group exercises with constructive feedback. These workshops are fun and engaging.

L3 Online training, April 2021

I have studied L1 and L2 under Puja and attended several of her live workshops as well. I always find Puja's workshops fun and very interesting and the L3 workshop she conducted online over 3 weekends were just as engaging. In the L3 Zoom workshop Puja introduced us to some of the finer aspects of the Delivery  of EFT that would greatly expand a practitioners skill set. These concepts and techniques were discussed,  demonstrated and practiced each day. Puja is also very encouraging of questions and ideas. I would definitely recommend the Level 3 workshop to anyone who's serious about a career in Emotional Freedom Techniques.
- Joshua 

In my 8+ years of experience in learning EFT (L1 & L2) with you Puja ma’am, I have learnt how to apply EFT in a professional way but this L3 is really about learning how to hold a safe space for clients to process their emotions gently. It involves many protective distancing techniques using which clients don’t have to re-live the traumatic memory to resolve it and that’s the beauty of EFT.  I am sure that your L3 workshop will definitely be the right choice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in EFT. I feel like I am well equipped to go through the EFTi certification process now. You are highly innovative in delivering EFT workshops with keen demonstration of techniques, group discussions, group tapping exercises and introducing sensible variations in techniques. This online L3 workshop was fun-filled, friendly, interactive, engaging and what more do we need to learn EFT happily! Overall, it was a top-notch EFT experience! 🙂

- Saranya 

Pre-requisite for the course: EFT Level 1 and 2 training with EFTi or another prominent EFT organisation.

Classes on Saturdays

Dates: Nov-Dec

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TIME: 4:30 pm IST- 8 PM IST (3.5 hours classes)

Cost: USD450

  • Total of 6 classes.
  • Bonus Class: Full session Demo ( 90 mins, including Q & A) To be scheduled after the last class. 
  • Follow up Call after a month (90 mins)


Classes will be held on ZOOM

THE WORKSHOP WILL NOT BE RECORDED. Only *DEMOS* will be recorded & made available for viewing for a limited time period. 

The purpose of this small group workshop (6 - 8 students) is to give students the experience and confidence in tapping, through role playing and tapping in pairs. It's interactive. The training classes will be held on Saturdays, allowing time for absoprtion of the material while giving you an opportunity to practise the skills with other students in the class.


Training Materials

Pre-training materials will be mailed to you after your seat is booked. Please study them before the training starts.

Study materials that we cover in class and recorded demos will be sent after each class.

Follow up call will be scheduled to discuss the doubts and queries.



  1. High Speed and stable internet connection. Please be seated as near to the modem as possible.
  2. Laptop ( Please don't use small devices like your phone or tablets)
  3. Headphones
  4. A quiet and noise free place
  5. Fluency in English

Cancellation Policy: You will get a refund (minus cancellation charges of Rs 2000) if you cancel 2 weeks before the workshop. After that no refund will be granted.

In case the workshop is cancelled due to any unforseen reason, full refund will be given.


A nuanced approach to client-centered EFT.

More on rapport, calibration skills, developing intuition

More on Presenting issues, aspects, core issues and gentle techniques.

Inner child Work

Reversals & In-depth Parts work

Open ended languaging

Several Advanced techniques, variations & strategies

Working with inner experience including metaphors and sub-modalities.

EFT as a trauma informed approach

Detailed approach to reframing.

Geo-specific/Cross-cultural EFT guidelines

Complexities of working with serious long term physical and emotional issues

Practitioner dilemmas & Ethical considerations