Making Emotions our Allies

Emotional Health

Do you find it difficult to handle conflicts?
Is it difficult for you to stand up for yourself when it’s needed?
Is it difficult to say no?

Does fear stop you from doing more?
Does anger drive people away from you?
Does shame make you isolate yourself?
Do envy and jealousy make you feel like a bad person?

All this and more arises from the difficulty in understanding negative emotions. We’ve been taught to fear negative emotions and/or transcend them without understanding them.

We try to escape the uncomfortable sensations that these feelings give us in our body and mind.

It’s very challenging to say no when your heart is racing; it’s very difficult to take a stand when your voice is quivering; it’s not easy to handle conflicts when the discomfort in your body wants you to just quit and escape that situation.

Fear, anger, shame, guilt etc- these feelings make you want to tranquillise them with food and addictions.

But the cost of not standing up, avoidance, suppression and many other ways in which we avoid negative emotions, catches up. It becomes a vicious pattern which hinders your emotional growth and can cause psychosomatic issues.

2 Part Webinar in collaboration with Living Consciouslyy 

( Inspired by Karla Mclaren’s work, Language of Emotions)

Date - 22nd & 23rd October 2022

Time - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM IST

Platform - Zoom

Cost: Rs 2000 ( Payment to be made to Living Consciouslyy) 

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In this 2 part webinar, you'll learn

  1. What are emotions and why do we need them?
  2. Understand the purpose of Each Strong unpleasant and pleasant emotion
  3. Various Techniques to handle emotions effectively and intelligently
  4. Q & A

Emotions aren’t inherently negative in nature and their purpose isn’t to stop us from moving forward in life. All emotions are vital and it's the way that we handle them that makes them healthy or unhealthy. We suppress and act out on our emotions which although needed at times, keeps us feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

If we learn how to take the important messages that these neurological programs, aka emotions, carry for us, then we can reap their enormous benefit; be more emotionally available to ourselves and others, be more productive in life and be more open to the joys that life has to offer. Emotions are very powerful and can become our allies if we let them.

If you numb your negative feelings, you also numb your capacity to feel joy and happiness in your life.

What if you learnt how to work with emotions in a way that helps you handle conflicts better?

What if it helps you say no when you have to?

What if you learnt how to tolerate and work with discomfort that these feelings give instead of tranquillising them with addictions?

There are many ways in which your emotional life will become healthier and in turn you’ll do better physically too.

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In this webinar you'll learn that:

You can make your EMOTIONS your ALLIES.

There is a BETTER way of handling your feelings than suppression or acting out on them.

You can work WITH your emotions rather than AGAINST them.

You can take the powerful MESSAGES that these emotions carry and become CONFIDENT & RESOURCEFUL.

Emotions are crucial to our lives and they bring us vital pieces of information. Learn how to understand emotions, work with them and dissolve them.

What the past attendees are saying:

It was great.So much to learn .So much to understand.I want to go forward for more to attend.


The webinar has made me to evaluate how well I do understand my emotions as an EFT Practitioner. Most of the time, we end up with a lot of troubles by just acting on our emotions. To avoid this, we really need to have some basic understanding about our emotions and how it works. This webinar was truly effective for anyone to understand emotions and how to cope with it. In short, the webinar was all about “how to make your emotions work FOR you and NOT against you”. Thank you very much for such an amazing webinar.


It was a great session today. It’s definitely going to help me understand and process a lot of stuff in my life. You’re just awesome. Thanks a ton


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