Suparna Sakaran
Suparna Sankaran

In November 2018, I was under severe depression due to vertigo and its bizarre complications which had developed in June 2018. On the one hand, I wanted to die, and on the other hand, I kept looking for solutions to my nightmare. I suddenly thought of Puja Kanth ( my classmate from school) and her EFT therapy.

Puja, then came to me as one of the many saviours who have helped and supported me in this long struggle that I have had with vertigo. I am still dealing with it even today, but now I have learnt to manage it. She was kind enough to come home to Besant Nagar and do one-on-one therapy sessions with me for a period of one year. This was followed by a couple of online sessions.

The sessions, her gentle voice, her non-judgemental way of looking at things and most importantly, the tapping on the various points with affirmations helped me greatly to come out of my depression. EFT makes you look at life positively in spite of the obstacles that may come your way.

I still follow many of the tapping techniques and have made quite a few positive affirmations of my own which I repeat religiously every single night before going to sleep.

Thank you Puja for being there when I needed you.


Singer, Musician, Languages Trainer.

(Testimonial given on Feb, 2022)

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