How to Tap on Yourself?


How often do you make time to tap on yourself?

While it’s true that working with a tapping buddy or a practitioner has amazing benefits, self-tapping is a powerful way to address issues in real time.

After learning EFT, my first tapping session was with myself. I tapped on a lot of issues before starting my EFT practice. Over the years I have developed specific formats to keep the tapping simple and easy. I do structured tapping at least once a week and shortcut tapping routines almost daily. I also have a tapping buddy that I connect with once every month.

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In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  1. Tap more regularly
  2. Overcome Resistance to tapping
  3. Structure a session with yourself
  4. Use different ways to handle issues in real time
  5. Fit EFT into your lifestyle seamlessly


The WEBINAR will be held on:

17th APRIL at 7:30 pm INDIA Time

Duration – 90 mins

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Prior Knowledge of EFT is a prerequisite for this event.


A FOLLOW UP CALL to dicuss your progress, questions and doubts about self-tapping will be held on

15th MAY at 7:30 PM INDIA time.

Duration – 1 hour


zoom link will be sent to you before the call.


You will receive a pdf of the presentation after it is over. 

Call will NOT be recorded.


Please note:

Please use headphones to avoid background noise.

Please choose a quiet place where there are no distractions.

If you have to leave mid way, you can join again by clicking on the same link.


COST of webinar: INR 950 (USD 15)

Cost of Webinar + Follow up call – INR 1500 (USD 25)


Please register here.

You’ll be sent a payment link after registration.

Cancellation policy: Please note that once the payment is made, it cannot be refunded. You can attend the next meeting if you miss this one.