You will get a EFT Tapping chart before the therapy/consultation session. To download the free E-book on EFT, Subscribe here.

Choose a place that is comfortable and has privacy. With hands free or ear phones, it is easy to tap.

Fixed line phones with speakers or mobiles with hands free are used for Phone Sessions.
Call has to be made by you at the set time after appointment.

SKYPE or ZOOM is used for Online Sessions.



Advantages of Phone/Online Therapy

It saves one from having to travel through the mad traffic and tensions and anxiety and the very block to get treated from. So I would recommend online/phone sessions for the clients as it retains confidentiality and saves practical hazards.

Sense of privacy - Phone/Online therapy is more comfortable since it gives a sense of privacy to people. They can be more open during the sessions and feel safer while getting therapy from the comfort of their houses.

Concentration - In phone/online therapy, concentration on the issue at hand is more since there are no visual distractions.

Clients, who have phobias and panic symptoms, can talk on the phone and apply EFT in the presence of the feared objects or situations. This helps in applying EFT on the actual symptoms. In panic attack cases, where the client is learning to cope with being in situations that trigger panic, it is very handy to use a phone for EFT session. The symptoms can be worked upon as they arise. This also teaches them how to deal with similar situations on their own.