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I came across Donna Eden’s book, Energy medicine, around 10 years ago. It was fascinating. I used to do the daily energy routine quite often. Then I kind of forgot about it. Today after hearing Donna in a webinar I was inspired to start the zip up practise.

The practice is to trace the Central meridian which runs from the pubic bone to the chin point. You need to run your open palm ( both hands or one) upwards from the pubic bone to the chin point. Then stop tracing it and move your palm in air above the lip, above your head and then circle down back to the side of you. Breathe while you do this. After 3 times, in the last zip up, stop at chin point and imagine a lock next to your lip and lock it with a key and throw away the key. ( This last part is a new edition)
The chin point is also incorporated in EFT.

In the webinar Donna even says that if you can’t trace the meridian you can simply look up from the pubic bone point to the chin point in the mirror and that works too.

In her words, zip-up will help you.

  1. Feel more confident and positive about yourself and the world.
  2. Think more clearly.
  3. Tap your inner strengths
  4. Protect yourself from negative energies that may be around you.

Reference: Eden, D. 2005. Energy medicine.

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