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Using positive too soon in EFT doesn’t work

You would have noticed that tapping scripts and audios focus too soon on easing and releasing an issue. Instead of fully experiencing the reality of a particular situation and sitting with it while tapping, the focus is on easing it immediately. In EFT process when we evoke the issue in our mind, first the problem is activated as we are exposed to it and our emotional brain gets active. Then, when we tap on it, it sends deactivating signals to the amygdala and the problem (what you’re tuned in to) starts reducing in intensity.

However, if you don’t stay with the issue at hand, you don’t give a chance to yourself to fully process what is going on. Tapping on the positive may give you result but it won’t last. And more than that many a times you’ll experience resistance to tapping when you insert words like “ease” and “release” too soon into your tapping process.

In standard EFT, we encourage you to first tap on the reality of your situation, what you’re feeling, and only when the intensity subsides to do a positive round.

To know more, you can watch this short video here.




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