TIME: 10 am to 5 pm

Please reach the venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. The workshop will start at 10 am sharp.




Tea and lunch will be provided.


EARLY BIRD Price : Rs 11,000 until 10th Jan

Regular Price begins 11th Jan : Rs 12,000



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What will I learn in the workshop?

This small group training is designed to facilitate deeper understanding of the basic skills that you learnt in Level 1 and learn new core foundational skills like gentle techniques, working on limiting beliefs, the art of reframing  and working on core issues.  It will help you gain the confidence to deliver skillful sessions to others and work on yourself more effectively. You will benefit by the supervised 1-1 practice sessions, personalized feedback, demonstrations, and group/individual tapping exercises and discussions in the workshop.

Am I eligible to attend the workshop?

If you have completed EFTI (earlier known as AAMET) LEVEL 1 or equivalent training, then you are invited to attend the workshop. Please send me a mail if you need to discuss your earlier EFT training/experience.


I don't have a degree in Psychology or Social work. Am I eligible for this training?



Will I receive a certificate for the workshop?

Yes. On completion of the workshop, you will receive EFTI's certificate of attendance. This does not confer practitioner status.


How can the level 2 workshop help me become an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner?

After finishing Level 2 workshop you can choose to complete the EFTI requirements to become an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.

Read the details here.


What are the unique benefits of attending this workshop?

  1. Post workshop – Attend a FREE ONLINE Group mentoring session.
  2. Individual attention and Supervised Practice sessions
  3. Certificate of Attendance by EFTi
  4. Exclusive Membership to a closed FB group and whatsapp group for ongoing support.
  5. This is the second step towards becoming an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner with EFTI, an international EFT organization.
  6. Attend free EFT meetups in Chennai


A highly engaging, experiential workshop with several guided practice sessions for hands-on understanding! Puja is a trainer who connects with all participants and is able to take them though the depths of the content, the principles and practices of EFT, seamlessly. At the end of the two day workshop, you are left with a feeling of clarity, confidence and motivation to take the practice of EFT to your lives.



Very interesting workshop with plenty of opportunity to tap in pairs and get some practice with the ‘real’ thing under the expert supervision of Puja Alfred. Great training to step into the professional side of EFT.



Great Workshop! Puja makes the topics easier to understand. Willingness to answer even the silliest of doubts very patiently and understanding the needs of all the attendees. This workshop has helped me to get more confident about EFT



Dear Puja mam, Your level 2 AAMET workshop involved a lot of exercises,group tapping & tapping-in-pairs which helped me to improve my calibration skills. Level 2 has helped me a lot to be more mindful about abreactions and how to apply gentle techniques to deal with high intense emotional issues easily. The most interesting thing about the workshop is when I had my Aha! Moment in which I finally found out a belief that has been limiting my life in many ways and changed it with EFT. The exercises to find limiting beliefs & reframes are so powerful. The overall standard of the workshop is very good. Your knowledge, unique teaching ways and dedication is amazing as always. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in me.



Had a great time learning Level 2. Puja keeps the session more live and the entire session is positive. Very happy to interact with Pujs. Got more confident.

-Kala Sriram


I really liked the workshop a lot. I think it made me feel I’m asking myself to understand more of the emotion and try to go deep but the same time you can contain it by using gentle techniques. I’m very happy. I’m ready to use it. Thanks Puja!



Excellent on the whole!



Level 2 gives a good insight into EFT techniques. Puja makes the whole program very interesting and fun. Felt completely comfortable throughout the process.


Will I be provided with the study materials?

Yes, the following study materials will be provided in the workshop.

  1. Reading material (before the training starts)
  2. Handouts (during training)
  3. Level 2 manual covering all the topics (upon completion of the training)


Brief review of AAMET Level 1

Basic safety for self & client

Rapport skills

Calibration skills

Introduction to using Intuition

Additional tapping points

Floor to ceiling eye roll

More on “chasing the pain” techniques 

Introducing working with trauma

Additional tapping techniques

Introduction to using positive choices

Finding core issues

Identifying limiting beliefs

Writing on the walls concept

Tail enders concept

Introduction to reframing

Further techniques to overcome psychological reversal

More on testing

EFT via the telephone / computer

Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits

Practitioner maintenance and the importance of continuing self-work

EFT practice Issues