Internationally approved certification with AAMET

EFT Practitioner Certification

If you have finished your EFT level 2 workshop then you are ready to take up this program to get international certification.

These are the minimum AAMET requirements for certification

  1. Pass the online multiple-choice Practitioner Exam via the AAMET International website.
  2. Receive 6 hours supervision/mentoring
  3. Submit to Trainer / Supervising Mentor a minimum of 4 case studies: 3 Client Case Studies (on separate individuals) and 1 Personal Case Study.
  4.  Provide an in-person OR audio OR video demonstration of an EFT session, and discuss this session with Trainer (in the role of Supervising Mentor). This demonstration (and discussion) will count as one Client Case Study.
  5. Complete a minimum of 50 EFT sessions (or “practice hours”) working with at least 20 different individuals. Each EFT session must be a minimum of 45 minutes in length.
  6. Complete any additional, discretionary requirements as outlined by the Trainer / Supervising Mentor during the certification process.

Once you have met the competency requirements for AAMET, you can join AAMET at a certified practitioner level. You will need to complete 30 hours of CPD hours per year to remain a member of AAMET.


Meeting the AAMET Requirements

As a supervising mentor, I will help in assessing your skills and qualities as a practitioner and ease the process of certification with support and constructive feedback.  You can schedule a free 20 minutes chat to discuss the process and then decide if you’re like to work with me as your chosen mentor.


EFT Assessment & Certification Package

Over the next 6-8 months you will receive 6 one to one sessions over phone/skype and feedback and support to help you in this journey. You will be taking your multiple choice exam on AAMET website, becoming a student member of AAMET, submitting your case studies and one audio/video demo to me.

This package involves 6 one to one sessions, discussion and feedback on the case studies and exam, and providing constructive and careful feedback.

Cost of package: $ 480

It’s available in two instalments

Instalment 1 of 2 = 240

Instalment 2 of 2 = 240

Discount is available to those who have attended my level 1 and 2 workshops.

About your trainer

I have 12+ years of experience in working as an EFT practitioner. I conduct multiple online and in-person sessions every week, working with clients from all over the globe with acute and chronic emotional and health challenges.

I have been teaching EFT for the past 5 years. Recently I joined AAMET as a trainer and will be providing AAMET approved training.

I have developed a Geo-specific EFT, also known as cross-cultural EFT to help understand the cultural and religious factors in EFT application.