Free and Confidential 30 minutes Evaluation Session

This is a free evaluation session where we will discuss the issues you want to tackle in the sessions, how EFT or counseling can help you and your specific expectations from the therapy process. I will also answer any queries that you might have.

Online, Phone or In-Person Therapy

I offer online, phone and In-person Therapy.
Click here for more information on Online/Phone Therapy.

In-person sessions are available at my home office located at Virugambakkam, Chennai. You can book an appointment here

Individual Therapy sessions Include:

1) Instructions on how to apply the techniques.
2) Tips and EFT scripts will be mailed after each session (depending on the problem).
2) Learning the basics of EFT/other techniques so that you can help yourself on a daily basis.
3) Email support with specific queries: Twice a week
4) Additional resources like articles, video links etc.

Therapeutic Approaches


EFT is an excellent therapeutic tool for psychological and physical issues. I apply custom made EFT procedures combined with various effective psycho-therapeutic tools to resolve emotional and physical problems quickly and with ease. I use Psycho-analytical tools to customize affirmations and find core aspects of any problem.

I provide culturally sensitive therapy also known as Geo-Specific EFT/Cross-cultural EFT.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy 

CBT helps in identifying core issues & understanding the nature of problems to achieve faster resolution.
CBT helps in identifying the problems and involves techniques to identify errors in the way you may be thinking and to adopt more rational and realistic thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Other Techniques: I read extensively and keep updating my skill set. I have studied energy psychology techniques by Donna Eden extensively. I am also very interested in and influenced by body based trauma therapies like Somatic Experiencing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for safe trauma recovery.