Heal from CSA

In 1999 when I did my internship at RAHI (Recovery and healing from Incest) and conducted a survey of the mental health professionals in Delhi hospitals, many startling results appeared.

The following were the purposes of the study :

This study was conducted to find out about the level of awareness of child abuse and incest, amongst the mental health professionals.
To explore whether treatment of female patients in these mental health institutions also focused upon exploring histories of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) and Incest.
To explore the kind of treatment being followed for female patients in these institutions.


The mental health professionals were not adequately informed about the subject and they did not incorporate in their therapy any cohesive, well planned therapeutic intervention or strategy dealing with this issue.

Despite the widespread prevalence of abuse in the Indian society, its importance was overlooked in the treatment of the abuse survivors.

It has been 10 years now, since the study, and many things have changed. There is more awareness about this issue. However, for abuse survivors, therapy still seems to be illusive. The percentage of abuse survivors who seek therapy and counseling in India, is very less. The danger of masking the abuse and repressing it, lies in the fact that abuse affects each and every sphere of life. Thus, therapy is required for complete healing.

As an emotional trauma specialist, a vast majority of my work consists of working with survivors of all kinds of abuse esp. sexual abuse.
I have been working with sexual trauma survivors for many years and feel that EFT can bring about a huge shift in the recovery process. Counseling along with EFT helps in releasing the repressed emotions and memories and paves the way for healing. The tearless trauma technique makes it easier for people to release trauma without revealing all the details.

EFT for Trauma

EFT was used successfully on the war veterans who were suffering from chronic insomnia, nightmares and other symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). EFT is a very effective tool for overcoming any kind of trauma. In EFT therapy, the person doesn't have to relive the trauma by recalling it repetitively. At each step EFT is gently applied to handle all the intense emotions that come up in relation to the trauma. The  emotional intensity attached to the traumatic memories is dissolved in the EFT sessions and in time there is a steady reduction in the symtpoms associated with trauma. A few of the symptoms of  trauma have been outlined below.

Psychological and physical Symptoms

Worry, Guilt, Shame and Stigmatization, Fear & Powerlessness, Anger & Betrayal of Trust
Depression, Phobias, Panic attacks, Low self Image, Denial and repression, Stress and Anxiety
Pain in various parts of the body without any physiological cause, Difficulty in relationships & Dissociation.