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Disclaimer :
While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities and therefore, is considered experimental. Please take full responsibility for your use of the information contained on this website. Please don't discontinue medicines without consulting your medical health professional. By viewing this website or applying EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)or any related self-care methods, you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless, Puja Kanth Alfred and/or emofreetherapy, from any legal claims.
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How is this Training Different?

1-1 Tutor Support

Detailed and Mandatory Practicum Work

Along with Concepts from Classic EFT (as given by Gary Craig), you will learn Geo-Specific EFT.

Learn how to take advantage of Geo-specific native language, culture and psychology in the affirmations.

Detailed Course material

1-1 Mentoring sessions to clear your doubts

FEEDBACK (Individual Training)

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the EFT Level 1 course from Puja. Puja is highly professional , flexible , and friendly with indepth understanding of the subject.The program is very well structured and Pujas simplicity in explanation lays a strong foundation to practice EFT. The program gives insights into the technique which 
self study can never provide.
Lalasa, Chennai (Level 1)

Dear Mam,
You are highly professional, wise and very friendly in teaching the basics of EFT. The way you explain concepts with examples from your own EFT practice and sharing knowledge is awesome.
The course material is very well designed, simple and easy to understand. The illustrations you have given in the material really helped me to clarify doubts and understanding basics thoroughly.
My hearty congratulations for you have done a great job in Geo-Specific approach in EFT. I could really say, Geo- Specific approach is a boon to EFT practitioners by using which I can help the clients to get out of their problem which has rooted from their religious and cultural beliefs. I have also seen my clients feel more comfortable in applying EFT in their native language as well. Hats off to you Mam!
I have experience with you both as client and trainee, so I could say whole- heartedly you are very intelligent in getting to the core of the problem. Your kindness, caring nature, dedication and professional style makes you unique. Dear Mam, My best wishes for your journey of helping and healing others.
Saranya S, Vellore (Level 1)

Dear Mam,
I am truly blessed and proud to have such a wonderful trainer like you. You always inspire me with your wise EFT skills, updated knowledge and your dedication to work. As I have already done Level- 1 course with you, I could say that the courses are perfectly designed and your way of explaining concepts with real life examples is extremely good. You always try to bring out the best in me and that is what makes you a fabulous trainer.
The best thing about your courses is the Assignment & practicum part.  EFT is such a powerful tool to redesign our destiny, So when it comes to higher levels of EFT training, it is most important for a practitioner to take up challenging issues and work on it which will help them to gain experience and deeper understanding about EFT skills. I just love your mentoring sessions in which we used to discuss about my practicum that I have done with clients and myself as well that gave me a chance to improve my skills more professionally. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their knowledge about EFT to take up your courses because the golden skills I got from your training can never be obtained simply by reading even hundreds of EFT books and this is how your training is unique and difference from others.
Thank you so much for being my inspiration Mam :)
Saranya S, Vellore (Level 2)

My Heartiest Congratulations to you for giving me an insight of EFT and training me to reach the first step towards my Goal  and showing me the road to fullfil my Passion of helping others heal and teaching me to relieve people of their negative  emotions to have a better future.
    The course material was aptly prepared so as not to create a feeling of burden on the student.
The methodology of  breaking down the modules into four parts to easily learn,grasp and clear-out any doubts/questions  part-by-part,really helped me to easily follow the system and  start using it in my personal life,my family and friends  successfully even before I could complete the course.
  The Tutoring sessions and the Mentoring sessions gave a thorough insight into different aspects and the basis of  using the technique as an EFT practioner.
I have gained enough confidence on this technique and am looking forward to start my newly created life to have a world  free of diseases and unwanted emotions in mankind.
I look forward to gaining more knowledge and specialize myself in areas that interest me in the next higher levels of the  course.
Punctuality and timing has been the essence during the whole course and I dare not be late for the sessions.
I wish you, M/s Puja Kanth Alfred and your innovative ideas ( especially the Geo-Aspect method which teaches us to take care  of various individual issues and beliefs for applying EFT),a very Happy,Prosperous and Healingful Life.
Sunil Chhaya, Mumbai ( Level 1)

I work and live with different cultures. At times its challenging to not be judgmental and impose my beliefs and ideas upon the client. I used to feel less confidence in how I structured my EFT statements then. 
Culture has a great influence in the beliefs one has about life and is something very important for a therapist to become conscious of while working with cross cultures.
Working with Puja, since she is also a Psychologist who has designed Geo Specific EFT, I could discuss with her many possible ways in phrasing the EFT statements for not only different ethnic groups but the issues that are very uniquely related to each culture and group.
To keep finding the most suitable words to make the EFT statements work with the insight of GEO Specific EFT has been a very big jump for me as a therapist.
Puja is a very articulate and profound therapist and she is quick to identify the core issues and help me formulate the necessary set up statements that can best bring a healing for unique cases. I have totally enjoyed and laughed with her in my sessions so very much.
I thank you Puja!

Swadhe Somoo, Spain (Level 2)

According to former EFT Official certification by Gary Craig, Retired EFT Founder.
First and Only Certified EFT Intermediate Practitioner-1, Certification Program by Dawson Church, EFTU
About Your Trainer

Being a psychologist and a Certified  EFT Practitioner, I help clients in resolving their emotional and  psycho-somatic issues.
My experience in therapy along with EFT training, helps me in assisting students to easily build EFT skills for self help and helping others. This training program adheres to the classic EFT and also introduces Geo-Specific EFT.
What is Geo-Specific EFT (Cross-Cultural EFT)?

As the first and the only certified EFT INT & EFT - CERT 1 Practitioner in India** (According to the former EFT certification program setup by Gary Craig in 2008 and the new EFT Universe Training program by Dawson Church), I have spent the last few years in researching EFT architecture and methodologies and have developed Geo-specific EFT (Cross-Cultural EFT) approach.

I have worked with various clients across the globe with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. As each person carries a unique cultural blueprint that is enmeshed in developing issues, Geo-Specific EFT Approach helps to untangle and identify the core issues.
One of the most important aspects of EFT is the affirmations/ EFT statements. These affirmations are the key ingredients of the core that are deployed deep inside a person and work in a stealth fashion. Since people manifest their issues first to themselves (this is the key) and in different ways with cultural variations which plays a tricky and specific role, only learning to develop Geo -specific customized wording in EFT affirmations can elucidate when you find yourself at the Bronx and help you achieve lasting results.
Geo-specific EFT in essence is a revolutionary approach in EFT that utilizes the variables like culture, language & religion.

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