Will I be completely cured?

You will get Profound relief from the problems for which you seek consultation/treatment. If you equate “completely” with the daily arising problems then YES, you can completely deal with them also. You will be taught how to independently handle “these” new problems that may arise even after the treatment is over.

Is EFT a Distraction technique?

EFT requires tuning into the problem every step of the way. Distraction requires 'not' thinking about the problem whereas in EFT, affirmations and reminder phrase are used to THINK about the problem.

Advantages of Phone/Online EFT?

It saves one from having to travel through the mad traffic and tensions and anxiety and the very block to get treated from. If you have phobias and panic symptoms, you can apply EFT in the presence of the feared objects or situations.

What is EFT?

It is a fine blend of Traditional Acupressure and Modern Psycho-therapeutic methodologies.

Does EFT work only on Psychological problems?

In relevant cases, EFT is known to be resolving psychological and physical problems (psycho-somatic) with an utmost ease.

Why do we tap on the negative?

In EFT, we state the truth about our situation. We state what is real. Unless you address the 'reality'- the truth about your situation- you will not get relief. Just saying positive affirmations to hide the reality won't change it. Real change occurs when you address the reality first and then work on it.