Module 1

1. EFT for psycho-somatic problems.
2. Phobias
3. Allergies and Substance Sensitivities.
4. In-depth Undertsanding of the Geo-Specific Approach


Module 2

1. How to handle clients who are disconnected from their feelings?
2. Healing Traumatic memories and Safety Guidelines
3. Preframing and Reframing. (Using the Classic EFT and Geo-Specific EFT Approach)
4. Additional Concepts from Palace of Possibilities.


Module 3

1. EFT for Chronic Health Problems.
2. Ways to incorporate EFT in daily Life & Persistence
3. Variations to Personal Peace Procedure
4. EFT for peak performance and goal setting.


Module 4

1. Informed consent, confidentiality & scope of practice
2. Keeping Session notes and Client Records
3. Importance of Self care as a professional
4. Professional Code of Conduct & Ethical Dilemmas
5. Emergency Situation Guidelines
6. Professional code of conduct with colleagues, other health professionals and in the community.


Course materials

1) EFT Level 3 manual for each Module.
EFT Level 3 Manual has
Valuable tips for more effective EFT application.
Diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts with examples for better understanding.
Actual case studies are explained with focus on aspects and affirmations.

2) Reading material provided.

3) E-Book FREE with the course - Geo-Specific EFT Manual for Practitioners

4) 6 Videos by Gary Craig (Free with the Course)

Cost of Course: Rs. 20,000 (+ Shipping costs )


Certificate of Completion in EFT Level 3 with specialization in Geo-Specific EFT - Certificates ONLY after successfully completing practicum and required reading list.

Certificate Shipping Cost Free of cost Within India.

Outside India - $ 50  or you have the option of getting a pdf copy of certificate (via e-mail). It's free of cost.