Module 1

1. What are core issues? Questions to detect Core Issues.
2. EFT for Emotional Issues.
3. Techniques to Minimize emotional pain
4. Tell the story Technique


Module 2

1. Useful Techniques when EFT doesn’t seem to work.
2. Chasing the Pain technique.
3. Choices Method in EFT
4. Variations to the setup phrase
5. Additional tapping Points.


Module 3

1. Writings on the Wall Concept
2. Dealing with Limiting Beliefs
3. Introduction to Tail Enders
4. Cognitive shifts


Module 4

1. EFT for addictive Cravings
2. EFT for children
3. Surrogate Tapping
4. Testing EFT results at every step.


Course materials

1) EFT Level 2 manual for each module.
EFT Level 2 Manual has
Valuable tips for more effective EFT application.
Diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts with examples for better understanding.
Actual case studies are explained with focus on aspects and affirmations.

2) Reading material provided.

3) 4 Videos by Gary Craig (Free with the Course)

Certificate of Completion in EFT Level 2 with specialization in Geo-Specific EFT: Certificates only after successfully completing Practicum and required reading list.

Certificate Shipping Cost
Free of cost Within India. Outside India - $ 50. You have the option of getting a pdf copy of certificate (via e-mail). It's free of cost.

Cost: Rs. 18,000 (+ Shipping cost)

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