Module 1

1. Historical Background of EFT
2. How does EFT work?
3. EFT Basic Process: Explanation & Insights
4. Subsequent round adjustments
5. Psychological reversal & Secondary Benefit Syndrome
6. Difference between general and Specific Issues.
7. Generalization Effect & Forrest and Trees Metaphor
8. Concept of “Aspects”

Module 2

1. Addressing Intensity: When the intensity goes up and
when there is no change in intensity.
2. Shifting Aspects
3. Apex effect.
4. Intensity Oriented Techniques
Movie technique
Floor to ceiling Eye roll.
5. What to do when Self acceptance is a problem
6. EFT for pain.
7. EFT for Physical Issues.
8. Personal Peace Procedure.
9. Shortcuts in EFT
10. Introduction to Geo-Specific EFT
11. Ethical Guidelines.


Course materials

1) EFT level 1 Manual for each module. It has:
*Valuable tips for more effective EFT application.
*Diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts with examples for better understanding.
*Actual case studies are explained with focus on aspects and affirmations.

2) Geo-specific EFT Booklet full of useful tips.

3) Reading material provided.

4) 2 Videos by Gary Craig (Free with the Course)

Certificate of Completion in EFT Level 1 with Specialization in Geo-Specific EFT: Certificates will be sent only after successfully completing practicum and required reading list.

Certificate Shipping Cost
Free of cost Within India. Outside India - $ 50. You have the option of getting a pdf copy of certificate (via e-mail). It's free of cost.

Cost: Rs. 8,500 (+ Shipping cost )

PAYMENT: You will be sent a paypal money request form or bank details after registration.


  • Candidates who successfully complete the EFT course can send a request for FREE listing on Emofreetherapy website.
  • Exclusive membership to EFT Graduates Group for ongoing mentoring support