EFT Training

With Specialization in Geo-Specific EFT

This is an ideal program for those who want to:

a) Build an EFT practice

b) Learn the ABC of handling 1-1 client sessions

c) Understand the ethical dilemmas and challenges in this field.

d) Learn a new tool to assist them in their established therapy (For healers, Counsellors and Psychotherapists)

And last but not the least, for anyone willing to learn this tool to help themselves.


How is this Training Different?


 1-1 Tutor Support

Detailed and Mandatory Practicum Work

Along with Concepts from Classic EFT (as given by Gary Craig), you will learn Geo-Specific EFT.

Learn how to take advantage of Geo-specific native language, culture and psychology in the affirmations.

Detailed Course material

1-1 Mentoring sessions to clear your doubts

Geo-Specific EFT (Cross-Cultural EFT) is a part of the Clinical EFT Handbook, published by EFTUniverse.

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About Your Trainer

Being a psychologist and a Certified EFT Practitioner, I help clients in resolving their emotional and psycho-somatic issues.
My experience in therapy along with EFT training, helps me in assisting students to easily build EFT skills for self help and helping others. This training program adheres to the classic EFT and also introduces Geo-Specific EFT.

As the first and the only certified EFT INT & EFT - CERT 1 Practitioner in India** (According to the former EFT certification program setup by Gary Craig in 2008 and the new EFT Universe Training program by Dawson Church), I have spent the last few years in researching EFT architecture and methodologies and have developed Geo-specific EFT  approach.


I have worked with various clients across the globe with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. As each person carries a unique cultural blueprint that is enmeshed in developing issues, Geo-Specific EFT Approach helps to untangle and identify the core issues.
One of the most important aspects of EFT is the affirmations/ EFT statements. These affirmations are the key ingredients of the core that are deployed deep inside a person and work in a stealth fashion. Since people manifest their issues first to themselves (this is the key) and in different ways with cultural variations which plays a tricky and specific role, only learning to develop Geo -specific customized wording in EFT affirmations can elucidate when you find yourself at the Bronx and help you achieve lasting results.
Geo-specific EFT in essence is a revolutionary approach in EFT that utilizes the variables like culture, language & religion.


FEEDBACK (Individual Training)


**According to former EFT Official certification by Gary Craig, Retired EFT Founder.
First and Only Certified EFT Intermediate Practitioner-1, Certification Program by Dawson Church, EFTU